CareTrust Value

"By Operators, For Operators"

There are several sources of financing for senior housing and healthcare operators today.  The distinct value CareTrust brings to the table is two-fold: 

  1. Experience - CareTrust REIT was born after a remarkable 15 year run by The Ensign Group.  During that short time, Ensign grew from 0 to 120 owned and leased properties plus ancillary businesses of home health and hospice, urgent care, and mobile diagnostics.  In early 2014, Ensign hit a market cap of $1B.  We bring to CareTrust REIT many important lessons learned for operators of all sizes who are intent on growing their business.  While we're anxious to share the strategic and tactical lessons learned with our tenant operators, we likewise fully appreciate that success can come from different models.  Just know, that we're more than happy to share those lessons, free of charge.
  2. Win-Win - We're looking for operators who are looking for a partner to help them grow.  The overriding motivation in structuring deals is to create a WIN-WIN for our operators and for our investors.  We only select the cream of the crop operators (of any size) who have a commitment and a scoreboard of quality results. We are as creative as our tenants need us to be to create a win-win partnership.